Hanna Andersson

Hanna Andersson is a children and family apparel company that recently transitioned from Brick & Mortar to an entirely online shopping experience.

Hanna Andersson
UX Design / Strategy
Sitewide Heuristics Evaluation, Competitive Audit, User Journey Map
Due to the sensitive materials bound to our amazing work together,
Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA's) have been signed and enforced to protect the privacy and intellectual property of these companies. It is important that our work together remains protected until such a time when it can be publically shared. That being said, these cases closely follow my process seen throughout other examples of my work!


From Brick & Mortal Stores to a Digital Experience

I was Senior UX Designer on a new engagement with Hanna Andersson. Hanna Andersson has recently converted from a Brick & Mortar company to being entirely digital, and is looking to ensure the value of the brand is effectively communicated with new customers, with the aim of conversion towards loyal, repeat customers. Based around Design Strategy and Research, my role was to execute the evaluation of the company’s current site and initiatives, as well as begin mapping possible solutions to improve or rethink user engagement.

Actions Taken:

  • Analyzed current site and evaluated based on best UX practices and standards, as well as the average user’s flow through product pages and various company initiative pages, down into the step by step process of ordering and purchasing Hanna Andersson products.
  • Analyzed direct competitors and companies with comparable examples of execution to highlight key industry expectations, as well as evaluate the viability of introducing similar approaches or identifying completely different approaches altogether.
  • Implemented and assembled a Heuristic Evaluation system to accurately quantify and quantify the current system based on key touchpoint strengths, as well as areas for quick improvement that would yield improved retention of new customers.
  • Created and oversaw development of a User Journey documenting the current average path through the site. Wired user flows were used outlining each individual step for 3 user archetypes based on loyalty and shopping frequency, based on summarized experiences from the design audit as well as further verification from target user interviews and key stakeholders.

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