Paramount is a longstanding Mass Media and Entertainment company dedicated to producing and connecting premium content across the world.

Research / Strategy
UX Audit, Competitive & Comparative Audit
Due to the sensitive materials bound to our amazing work together,
Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA's) have been signed and enforced to protect the privacy and intellectual property of these companies. It is important that our work together remains protected until such a time when it can be publically shared. That being said, these cases closely follow my process seen throughout other examples of my work!


Evolving Paramount Global's Online Presence

I was a UX Designer on a new engagement with the Paramount company. Paramount consists of over dozens of brands of various media and entertainment content, and is currently reshaping how they present their various brands’ digital presence, as well as how they can effectively communicate business goals and accomplishments with investors of various expectations. My role was to begin analysis on industry competitors, as well as assist in exploration of new UI presentations of content.

Actions Taken:

  • Facilitated site-wide analysis of Paramount's Global website, including UX best practices as well as how Paramount can effectively engage with the average consumer as well as possible business investors.
  • Analyzed and assisted in documentation of several competitive / comparative companies and their digital presence across multiple industries, including: news, entertainment media, food/beverage, automotive, technology, and gaming. Main focuses were how various companies present and document investor-oriented information and content, and how company initiatives and values are communicated to consumers.
  • Accelerated the generation of new design ideas through creative UI and Motion Design that would capture the average consumer’s imagination and reduce bounce rates away from the Paramount site.

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