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Snap Inc. is the technology and social media company in charge of connecting social circles through meaningful interactions and features, such as Snapchat and Bitmoji.

Snap Inc.
UX Design / UI Design
CMS Template Pages, Components Audit & Backlog
Due to the sensitive materials bound to our amazing work together,
Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA's) have been signed and enforced to protect the privacy and intellectual property of these companies. It is important that our work together remains protected until such a time when it can be publically shared. That being said, these cases closely follow my process seen throughout other examples of my work!


A New Privacy and Safety Hub for Transparency

I was a Senior UX Designer on an ongoing engagement with Snap Inc. Snap was in the process of updating their CMS system for their web presence spanning dozens of different articles detailing company policies, initiatives, content moderation, and app details, to increase transparency for key lawmakers and interested parties. My role was to guide content migration to the new CMS, while also designing and tracking iterations for new additional pages.

Actions Taken:

  • Designed previously existing pages to new CMS standards to empower stakeholder alignment. All old-to-new CMS pages are guided through templatization of key pages based on various CMS components to cover the implementation of various components and features.
  • Documented unexpected issues and flaws with the new CMS through thorough pressure testing to ensure all design concerns can receive future attention and iterations through an ongoing Kanban system.
  • Oversaw the implementation of content migration to the new designs and CMS, regularly connecting with the development team to troubleshoot technology limitations and enact changes rapidly to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Designed and iterated on new additional landing pages for Trust and Safety, integrating new content changes and adjustments to meet alignment across various internal stakeholders.

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